Sunday, February 9, 2014

Oh the Places You Could Go!

Choosing your wedding location is a crucial decision. Destination venues are becoming increasingly popular and now represent 24% of all weddings. This could be an ideal solution for couples whose families are spread out. Having a destination ceremony is the perfect opportunity to bring everyone together. The average event lasts around 3 days, giving plenty of time to visit with friends and family and make memories you will remember for a lifetime.

These unique locations offer to die for scenic views  along with wedding amenities to make your planning process a breeze:

Alberta Canada

This Particular wedding took place in a quaint town called Banff, in Alberta Canada. The location offers easy access to gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains with numerous lakeside hotels. 

Ukraine's Kleven Train Tunnel

This fascinating tunnel was created when trees were allowed to grow freely, and a train which passes through 3 times a day was the only thing shaping their path. Many know the spot as "The Tunnel of Love." There are legends that say couples with true love will have their wishes granted in the tunnel. The passage is located near the town of Kleven, which is also home to the ruins of the Kleven Castle. 

To learn more on the town of Kleven visit: The town of Kleven

Virgin Islands Caneel Bay Resort

Beaches are always a stunning location for a wedding, but this spot in the Virgin Island takes it up a notch. There are seven beaches, all with unique spectacular views. The resort offers three all inclusive wedding packages to choose from to keep you relaxed and taken care of on your special day. 

More on Caneel Bay Resort:

Ireland Bellinter House

This eighteenth century style country house features the best of both the in and outdoors. The location offers customized wedding packages for up to 200 guests and can include a wedding coordinator, bedrooms for you and your guest, a bridal suite and a complimentary makeup trial to name a few. My favorite part of this location is the breathtaking grounds that is home to ancient trees and an array of secluded trails to explore. 

More on the Bellinter House:

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