Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sweating for the Wedding:The Workouts You Have Never Heard of, but Should Probably Try

After the engagement you might be eager to pick out a date, color scheme, and of course your wedding dress! Then you have to remind yourself that you will have these pictures the rest of your life and well, frankly you need to look good! More specifically you need to feel great about yourself on your wedding day and that includes feeling confident about body.

Luckily the workout world is highly saturated and therefore full of a variety of choices to fit everyone's taste and fitness level. You no longer have to kill yourself on a treadmill to burn a measly 200 calories. These innovative classes may be new, but they already have massive followings.

Here are the latest intriguing workouts:



This cardio workout may look intense, but your joints will thank you for the low impact the trampoline provides. You can burn up to 160 calories per 30 minutes of jumping. 

Surfboard Fitness


Challenge yourself with this full body workout that strengthens muscles and targets your core. There are multiple classes that are tailored to your workout needs including balance, cardio burn, and strength building. Need more motivation? Plan a surfing session during your honeymoon and look forward to looking like a pro!

RealRyder Cycling

                               Spinning has taken over the fitness world the past few years, and now someone has taken the trend to a whole new level. RealRyder has created an indoor bike that allows you to steer, lean, and balance to fully engage your body. 

Would you be willing to switch up your routine for one of these workouts?

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bouquet Alternatives

By now you have probably seen an array of bouquets made completely out of brooches popping up all over social media. Brides are loving the customization that comes with selecting each pin, and that's not even the best part. Unlike flowers, this bouquet will last you a lifetime.


If you love the idea of breaking away from a traditional floral bouquet, we have a few other options that are truly unique. 

Book Bouquet

Have a book that is meaningful to you? Carry it with you on your wedding day in a beautifully crafted arrangement.

Feather Bouquet 

Your guest will forget about the absence of flowers with a glamorous feather bouquet. The texture adds an element of interest that you will not find in classic flowers. 

Wheat Bouquet

If you're having a rustic theme,  a wheat bouquet is simplistic, chic, and understated.

Vegetable Bouquet

Flowers are not the only plant that feature stunning colors. Vegetable bouquets create a mix of rich hues that truly stand out in a sea of floral. 

Have any of these ideas convinced you to stray away from a traditional bouquet?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bridal Inspiration:2014 Oscars

Award season might be over, but we're not ready to stop talking about the fashion. The stars brought classic glamour to the red carpet and we swooned over their perfectly tailored designer gowns.

 By now you have seen a variety of best dressed list and we're not going to add to the madness of trying to decide a favorite. Although, we found plenty of bridal inspiration on the red carpet.

From lip color to necklines we have the dish on the trends you should consider:

Side Sweep and Nude Lips 

Side swept curls create an elegant and timeless hairstyle that can work with a variety of dresses. Bright bold lipsticks dominated the runways last year but nude lips are here to stay! It can be hard to stray from your favorite shade of pink, but your groom will love how kissable you look.

Lupita's Delicate Headband

Lupita Nyong'o wore a custom Fred Leighton headband that was half princess and half goddess. We found  these beautiful pieces from Rent the Runway and Nordstrom so you can have your own delicate touch of sparkle.

Draped Neckline

It can be hard to break away from a sweetheart top, but these beautifully draped necklines won us over. Meryl Streep looked lovely with an off the shoulder version by Lanvin. Project Runway's alumni Kate Pankoke dressed Oscar Winner Emmanuel Lubezki's wife in a stunning navy gown. We love how the lace is seamlessly incorporated into the cowl neckline.

This is proof that although it may not be obvious, they are numerous ways to incorporate celebrity style into your wedding day. Now all we have to do is anxiously wait for next year's award season. Stay tune for more red carpet inspiration!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Trend for Thought: Statement Accessories

Statement Necklaces took the fashion world by storm last Spring, and this season the trend is seeping over into bridal.

I used to associate bold or large accessories with words like gaudy, tacky, and overdone. I'm happy to say I have come to realize that when done correctly, this trend can enhance your look and make you the epitome of stylish. 

There are various ways to rock statement accessories. You can easily tailor the trend to your wedding and use it to help tie your particular theme into your bridal look (Nothing says bohemian like a flower-crown).

Here are a few different ways to wear a bold piece on your wedding day: 

                                     Statement Necklace

Show off your negligee with bold jewels or wear a pendant necklace backwards to enhance a backless gown. 

       Stacked Rings 

Why have just one? Stacked ring sets are becoming increasingly popular. I personally love the eclectic vibe they evoke. 

Over-sized Headpiece

Perfect for injecting a sense of couture, these pieces are so beautiful they could be featured on the cover of Vogue. Who doesn't want to look like a high fashion model on their wedding day?

Friday, February 21, 2014

2014 Wedding Trend: Pastels

There is one undeniable factor in all of the predicted trends for 2014: an abundance of color! I was particularly excited to see a pastel palette on the list. The muted tones are soft and romantic while the variety of colors keeps the look whimsical.

I'm not the only one loving this trend. Whitney Port recently showed off her inspiration boards for her upcoming wedding, and included was a beach themed board incorporating pops of pastel color.


In case you're having a hard time picturing this color scheme without a rabbit and colorful eggs, here are a few examples of how pastels can be chic and not cheesy.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Oh the Places You Could Go!

Choosing your wedding location is a crucial decision. Destination venues are becoming increasingly popular and now represent 24% of all weddings. This could be an ideal solution for couples whose families are spread out. Having a destination ceremony is the perfect opportunity to bring everyone together. The average event lasts around 3 days, giving plenty of time to visit with friends and family and make memories you will remember for a lifetime.

These unique locations offer to die for scenic views  along with wedding amenities to make your planning process a breeze:

Alberta Canada

This Particular wedding took place in a quaint town called Banff, in Alberta Canada. The location offers easy access to gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains with numerous lakeside hotels. 

Ukraine's Kleven Train Tunnel

This fascinating tunnel was created when trees were allowed to grow freely, and a train which passes through 3 times a day was the only thing shaping their path. Many know the spot as "The Tunnel of Love." There are legends that say couples with true love will have their wishes granted in the tunnel. The passage is located near the town of Kleven, which is also home to the ruins of the Kleven Castle. 

To learn more on the town of Kleven visit: The town of Kleven

Virgin Islands Caneel Bay Resort

Beaches are always a stunning location for a wedding, but this spot in the Virgin Island takes it up a notch. There are seven beaches, all with unique spectacular views. The resort offers three all inclusive wedding packages to choose from to keep you relaxed and taken care of on your special day. 

More on Caneel Bay Resort:

Ireland Bellinter House

This eighteenth century style country house features the best of both the in and outdoors. The location offers customized wedding packages for up to 200 guests and can include a wedding coordinator, bedrooms for you and your guest, a bridal suite and a complimentary makeup trial to name a few. My favorite part of this location is the breathtaking grounds that is home to ancient trees and an array of secluded trails to explore. 

More on the Bellinter House:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Gifts for the Groom

With Valentine's Day right around the corner it's time to start thinking about what to get your guy. Many people say women are hard to shop for, but I beg to differ. Of course I am biased, but I know so many gifts that will make any girl happy. For men on the other hand, options are limited for men.

Giving something special to your Groom on your wedding is a way to show your love even before being able to see each other. The gesture can be big or small; all that matters is that it comes from you with love.

To help make the decision easier I rounded up a few of my favorite ideas:

Personalized Accessory


             These cuff links and humorous socks are ideal for the big day, and he can use them after.                   

Boudoir Photo Shoot

This gift may be unexpected, but your man will be happily surprised. Have a sexy private portrait session; just be sure to label it "For Your Eyes Only."

For His Hobbies
       cute gift for the groom if he plays an instrumentWedding Favor  Anniversary for Husband  by CandTCustomLures, $14.00
                Engraving is a great way to personalize an accessory for something he loves to do.

DIY Book of Love
             If I could afford it...Groom Gift (Little Syam: Our Adventure Book)To Buy or DIY – Sweet Gift For Your Fiance » Alexan Events | Denver Wedding Planners, Colorado Wedding and Event Planning

You don't need to buy a fancy present, impress your groom with a book of memories he will always treasure.