Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bouquet Alternatives

By now you have probably seen an array of bouquets made completely out of brooches popping up all over social media. Brides are loving the customization that comes with selecting each pin, and that's not even the best part. Unlike flowers, this bouquet will last you a lifetime.


If you love the idea of breaking away from a traditional floral bouquet, we have a few other options that are truly unique. 

Book Bouquet

Have a book that is meaningful to you? Carry it with you on your wedding day in a beautifully crafted arrangement.

Feather Bouquet 

Your guest will forget about the absence of flowers with a glamorous feather bouquet. The texture adds an element of interest that you will not find in classic flowers. 

Wheat Bouquet

If you're having a rustic theme,  a wheat bouquet is simplistic, chic, and understated.

Vegetable Bouquet

Flowers are not the only plant that feature stunning colors. Vegetable bouquets create a mix of rich hues that truly stand out in a sea of floral. 

Have any of these ideas convinced you to stray away from a traditional bouquet?

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