Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Decade Inspiration: The 1920's

The Roaring Twenties is full of inspiration for your modern day affair. The decade is known for jazz, liquor, and the influence of Art Deco. A sense of the era can easily be applied to numerous aspects of your wedding for a perfectly chic 1920's feel.

 1. Your bridesmaids will feel glamorous and fun in this attire. The best part is they will be dying to wear these beaded numbers again!

2. Women became more experimental with their beauty looks in the twenties, and so should you! Whether you rock a jeweled headband or a vampy lip, you can't go wrong.

3. Flapper inspired flower girls. I can't even handle this, it's just too cute.

4. Who says bridal shoes have to be uncomfortable? Take a cue from the lovely ladies from the jazz age and opt for a low strappy heel. Bonus points if you learn how to Charleston.

5. Incorporate the rich geometric lines of Art Deco into your invitations and seating cards for a sleek, sophisticated look.

6. Nothing says 1920's glamour like a champagne tower.

7. Feathers! These can be incorporated in numerous ways including your hair, bouquet, and cake. My favorite happens to be this gorgeous centerpiece.

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