Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wedding Inspiration:Baby's Breath

Baby's Breath might be known as a filler in flower arrangements, but it's absolutely stunning on it's own! It is inexpensive and easy to incorporate in various aspects of your wedding. The delicate look of these flowers adds a feminine flair. Whether you use a touch of Baby's Breath, or make it your whole theme, it will surely be gorgeous.

Here are some ways to work Baby's Breath into your wedding.

1. Invitations- These invitations are a perfect way to give your guest a hint of the rustic romantic feel before they even arrive to the ceremony.

2. Wedding Cake- Fresh flowers have always been a beautiful touch on a cake, but baby's breath are particularly simplistic and chic.

3. Ceremony Accents-Frame your aisle with Baby's Breath in wooden barrels. The stark white against soft brown will photograph beautifully. Also for your ceremony, Baby's Breath adds a soft touch to an archway.

4. Flower Crown- This hair accessory adds a whimsy feel to your wedding party's style.

5. Bouquet- By far the easiest way to incorporate Baby's Breath, you can't go wrong with this pretty arrangement.

6. Chandelier- I love the idea of the decor drama hanging from the ceiling instead of large centerpieces that block your guests' views. Add some wow factor with this Baby's Breath Chandelier.

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