Monday, December 30, 2013

A Wedding Remembered

There is so much anticipation leading up to a wedding, it's easy to think you'll remember it forever. Everyone knows your wedding is one of the most important days in your life. It's nice to have photos to look back on and cherish, but there are a slew of other unique ways to remember that day.

First Dance Lyrics 
Photo of your first dance with lyrics to the song you danced to...oh yes definitely!
Have the song lyrics to your first dance put on a photo. It's a sweet reminder of that special moment.

Wedding Dress Closet
Adrienne Maloof & her framed wedding dress. Would be gorgeous in a dressing room one day.
Everyone knows about preserving a wedding dress, but does that 2x3 ft box really do it justice? I love the idea of having your entire gown framed and hung up in your closet. Of course this does require a walk in, so make sure your new husband keeps this in mind..

A great way to get your guest involved at your wedding is incorporating Instagram. You can ask them to use a particular hashtag when uploading photos such as #chris&laura2014. This allows you access to all the wonderful candid shots.

Frame of Flowers

Don't throw away your beautiful  fresh bouquet after the big day. Instead send it to to be preserved and framed.
Check out:

Do you have any unique ideas for a wedding keepsake?

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