Sunday, December 1, 2013

No Explanation Needed,Simple DIYs

I am the first to admit the world of do it yourself can be intimidating. Some people seem to be born crafting geniuses, while I am somewhere between terrified of a glue gun, and beginner.  I have not given up on my do it yourself dreams, and neither should you!

DIY touches are the perfect way to add personality to a wedding. These projects are so simple they don't even need a step by step tutorial.

Ombré is always enchanting. | Easy DIY Tricks to Spice Up Your Wedding
Ombre Backdrop

Perfection is not necessary with this project, and it is a great way to tie in your color scheme.

"Rather than use tableclothes or placemats, we bought large, white doilies and came up with personal messages for our guests that Lauren hand-wrote in her amazing and unique calligraphy. Some messages were specific (to our parents) and other were general messages that we wanted to share with our guests."
Personalized Dollie Place Settings 

Individual messages to each of your guest is a sweet touch to the place settings.

Tape the strings at various heights to create a wall of balloons.  Instant backdrop!
Wall of Balloons

A great way to transform the reception space, simply tape the balloons at different levels for a layered effect.

diyfeatherdrinkstirs1_thumb.jpg (700×1022)

Feather Drink Sticks

All you need is stirring sticks, feathers, wire, and a glue gun to add a bit of bohemian flare to cocktail hour.

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