Friday, January 17, 2014

Etsy Treasures

I am very impressed by those who can conquer Do It Yourself Projects. They are a great way to save money when it comes to weddings. The only problem is when I attempt a DIY my finished product comes out something like this:


I always have good intentions when trying to DIY, usually to save a few bucks and have something to show off on Instagram, but execution is not my strong point.

Then somewhere a genius came up with a website where you can buy and sell handmade or vintage items through a marketplace called Etsy. Essentially this website brings the crafters of the world to people like me and Voila! My favorite website was born.

If you want to incorporate handmade elements into your wedding but are a little leery of attempting them yourself, Etsy is the solution.

Here are a few of my favorite Etsy wedding finds:

Wedding Dress Hanger

 This personalized hanger is great for pictures with your dress and to have as a keepsake after your wedding.

Check it out here:
Wedding Dress Hanger

 Personalized Wedding Map

These maps are made with original Watercolor drawings of your wedding locations, first date, ceremony, reception, your home, and local spots for your guests to visit. They would be ideal as a save the date or wedding invitation. Who would want to throw these out?

Etsy Wedding Map

Brooch Bouquet


 Etsy has numerous brooch bouquets in a variety of styles and colors. This trend looks impeccable with a glamorous vintage theme.

Brooch Bouquet

Cake Toppers

 The cake topper section on Etsy is a sea of cuteness. You can really find something on there for every theme!

Just Married Cake Topper

Hair Accessories

 Last but not least use Etsy to find the finishing touches to your bridal look. You can find this stunning beaded headband and much more.

Beaded Bridal Headband

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