Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sweets and Scrumptious Treats

Wedding food has a reputation of being bland and boring.  As a guest you really look forward to a great meal, so when you're presented with a flavorless room temperature entree it is a serious let down. The problem with choosing a meal to serve is it has to be universally pleasing. Unfortunately, we all have very different palettes and while you may love sushi, some guest may be repulsed. Therefore, it is often recommended to go with a dinner that is more traditional.

I do not believe any aspect of a wedding should be boring, especially something as creative as food! The past few years we have seen dessert bars popping up at receptions. Guest are loving this recent trend. Serving an assortment of tasty treats is sure to be well received.
          I think I want a dessert and drinks reception. Cheaper and I freaking love dessert.

One great thing about a dessert bar concept is it can be customized to your wedding! If you and your groom have a certain food you bond over incorporate it into your reception for a personalized touch.

Here are a few fun ideas to get your creativity flowing:

Breakfast Bar               Breakfast wedding
Having a breakfast bar is a fun a way to incorporate both sweet and savory into your reception treats. It would be perfect for a brunch wedding, but would also work well for an evening affair. Who doesn't want pancakes after a late night of dancing?

Ice Cream Bar                                {REAL WEDDING} CASSIE & BENNET: INTIMATE BACKYARD DIY WEDDING + CARNIVAL RECEPTION (PART 2) from jennie andrews photography

Your guest will have a great time customizing their cone or sundae!

Candy Table


A candy table is both delicious and beautiful! You can choose candies of a certain color to match your theme or just go for colorful and fun!

S'mores Bar
                       Smores bar
I love this idea for a rustic outdoor wedding.

Food Truck

                               food truck wedding reception

Having a food truck at a wedding? Genius. The concept is so quirky and unique it is sure to be a hit with your guests!

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