Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Light it Up

There is one similarity to many of the gorgeous wedding photos I covet on Pinterest: romantic lighting. Lighting has the ability to transform your reception space and set the mood for the night. Whether you're going for whimsical, glamorous, or dramatic, lighting can be your best friend in helping achieve the perfect look for your venue.

Your Photographer will also appreciate your attention to this detail.  How your venue is illuminated, or lack there of, will certainly affect the style of your wedding photos. Photographers can use lighting to add creativity to their shots and show off the ambiance of your big day.

There are various ways to light up your reception, previously one of the most popular was flood lighting. These lights shine a wash of color over a large area, making them rather simple and effective.

 Just in case you're looking for other ideas, we have complied a few that are currently trending:

String Lighting
              Wedding Lighting
           Catch an after Christmas sale and score an amazing deal for some seriously gorgeous lights!

                                                                 Chinese Lanterns
                         Use paper lanterns to light up your outdoor wedding
Chinese lanterns are easy to find in a variety of styles, and can often be reused and found on auction sites for half of the retail price. This is a great way to keep your lighting budget in check!

                      Combine natural, outdoorsy details with elegant elements.
       A little bit vintage, a little bit glamorous, using chandeliers adds a sense of style to your lighting.

       Light Writing Sparkler Shot - Frozen Exposure Photography I SnapKnot  #weddingphotography #weddings

  Okay so Sparklers can't exactly be the only lighting at your wedding, but they are ideal for adding a little something extra to your photos. Bonus! They're entertaining for your guest!

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