Monday, January 6, 2014

Finding the Perfect Look; Groom Edition

Alright ladies we have to admit, we spend a great deal of time planning how we will look on our wedding day. Why should the Groom's attire be an afterthought? It is nice that his search for the perfect outfit should be less daunting. After all most places who offer tuxedo rentals only have a few options compared to the hundreds of dresses you had to search through. But keep it mind that it's not just you who should stand out at your wedding, but your groom as well.

Men's clothing has come a long way and today there are a number of fashionable options for your groom to choose from. Don't worry, these suggestions vary to suit the most adventurous risk taker to someone who likes to keep things simple and classic. Also, just as with your dress, it's important that his look reflects the feel and theme of your wedding.

Skinny Tie
Nog meer strak in 't pak! #bruidegom #trouwen #huwelijk
There's something about a skinny tie that feels very modern. If your wedding is sleek and sophisticated this could be the perfect look for your groom.

Blue Suit
                                     Not blue but I like the suit with vest so when he wants to ditch the coat he will still look sharp
I have something blue! This is my absolute favorite new menswear trend. A slate blue suit is just bold enough for your groom to stand out and is extremely versatile. This could be kept simple for a glamorous affair or dress down for a more rustic feel.

All Black
                                                  #blackonblack #monochromatic  Love a groom in all black!
There is something seriously sexy about a man in all black. If your dress is dramatic this monochromatic tux will be the perfect accent.

Suspenders and Bow Tie
                           suspenders and bow tie... Très très magnifique! #groom #bowtie #weddingattire
I love a groom who can rock suspenders and a bow tie. It takes a certain amount of personality and confidence to pull it off, which makes it absolutely amazing when done right! The look is especially great if your wedding has a vintage theme.


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